I grew up in a family where alcohol and arguments came first and love came second. Being put second and even last my whole life, didn’t set me up for an adult who knew what love and happiness could look like. I’d never seen it myself. On top of that at the age of 22, I moved permanently to the UK, I left my friends and my family town in search of a better tomorrow.

During the past ten years, I went through the journey of recovery from my family dysfunction and rebuilding my life in a completely different country from where I grew up in. I have attended one on one therapy, meetings for various support groups. I’ve taken full responsibility for my recovery and read a ton of books that helped me to understand and process what I went through.

Trust me I have gone through all the phases of denial, depression and powerlessness, but I have come through the other side and can help you do the same.

The most important thing I learned:

I am responsible for my own happiness and no one else.

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I’ve realised that my mental health issues are a result of my past experiences.

I’ve gone on a journey of self-discovery.

I’ve cried, laughed and grieved my losses.

I’ve rebuilt my self-esteem and confidence.

I’ve learnt to trust myself again.

I’ve learnt to trust I’ll be supported.

I’ve opened myself up to love that I once resisted.


Now I’m here to support you in your own journey. I’m here to cry with you. I’m here to laugh with you.

I’m here to stand by your side.

I’m here to show you that there is hope for you and you CAN have a happy and joy-filled life!!

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