How would it feel to take the responsibility in your own hands and:

Learn how to deal with negative emotions.

Gain confidence and embrace who you really are.

Overcome your fears.

Feel loving and capable of being loved.

Learn how to establish healthy boundaries.

Have a stronger relationship with yourself and others.

Have a happy, fulfilling life.


It’s time to give yourself permission to come first and make sure your real needs are met.

It’s time to let go of your own bullshit.

It’s time to do things differently in order to get different results.


My signature One-to-One Programme is a 4-month programme designed to take you through exact steps that helped me to heal my wounds and start living a better life.

What’s included:

– 4 months of my full coaching support

– 8 Bi-weekly 1 hour coaching sessions

– Unlimited email access

– Tailored programme to suit your needs. On our initial call, we will decide which areas you need support mostly with. I will help you with reconnecting with your inner child, forgiveness and grief process, building boundaries etc.

– Reading list (as I am a massive book lover and understand the power the right books can have on your life)

– Plus extra tools that will help you along the way…


In just 4 months you can either still be where you are right now (and this place sucks, right?) or feel happier, calmer and more confident. Where do you want to be?

I’ve been where you are right now and I can tell you it’s possible to heal your past and have a great future!


Are you ready to take responsibility for your happiness?

Are you ready to leave anxiety and depression behind?

Are you ready to stop running away and numbing your feelings

with alcohol, food, sex, [insert the substance of choice here]?

Are you ready create the life you want?


Let’s get started.

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See what others are saying:

Marta is happy to listen, letting you speak at your own pace and willing to give you time to work through your thoughts without ever feeling rushed. Asking thought-provoking questions at just the right times, she helps guide you to the answers for yourself.


I have had other forms of treatment in the past but I feel talking with Marta was different in a hugely positive way. She listened. She didn’t ‘ treat me with the same brush’ as others. I was treated as an individual with individual needs. Marta left me with some ideas to try that are still ongoing, meditation being one. I am finding they are helping with time.